United Nations

United Nations
Section DPI NGO Resource Centre
Mr. Paul Hoeffel Chief NGO Section Department of Public Information
Room L-1B-31
Fax (212) 963 2819

CC: CNN, Pravda, Le Monde Diplomatique, Der Spiegel

Heusden, April 19th 2009

Dear Mr. Hoeffel,

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that The Council of State of the Netherlands is a joke. A.M.L. van Rooij has been filing lawsuits to stop the immense pollution by our so called green Energy Powerplant Amercentrale
9 which is burning highly toxic materials containing carcinogenic substances. The Amer power station in Geertruidenberg is polluting the air. Treated wood should not be burned because toxic chemicals may be produced as part of the smoke and ashes. The westward wind brings the heavy polluted air to Heusden (Noord-Brabant). The air carries Arsenic, Chromium Oxide, and many other carcinogenic substances.(EURAL). The Dutch government is not listening to our health concerns. One should not be exposed to frequent or prolonged inhalation of sawdust from treated Wolmanized wood. The American Medical Association also advises against burning Wolmanized wood.

To make matters worse Wolmanized wood containing Arsenic and Chromium Oxide carcinogenic materials are used in toys for children. That is why the number of cancer patients in the kingdom of The Netherlands is increasing
exponentially. Young people do not have the necessary aberrant stem cells that may offer self-renewal pathways for the body. This may lead to an increase of young people becoming ill.

State Councillor mr. dr. J.C.K.W. Bartel handles the case on his own not obeying the rule that there should be a three-judge panel in the Council of State when there is a formal request for a new State Councillor, disregarding the rules of the Dutch law. We want to inform you of this grave matter and we would like this topic on the agenda of the United Nations as well. To our point of view this is even more important than the Kyoto protocol. On August 26th 2008 our president mr. dr. J.P. Balkenende wrote a letter that he no longer answers the letters with our health concerns, leaving us no other instrument than to draw international attention to our environmental concerns. Would you be so kind to escalate this to the board of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice?

Ing. R.H.B. van Uden
Robrechtstraat 19
NL5256 GN  Heusden

The Netherlands


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